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  • Binacchi & Co, Italy
  • Catta 27, Italy
  • Emde Industries Technik GmbH
  • Fava S.p.A, Italy
  • ICF S.p.A, Italy
  • Landucci, Italy
  • Omas, Italy
  • Sollich Chocotech, Germany

Binacchi & Co, Italy


TBinacchi has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing soap and glycerine plants. This means that we can provide you the most modern solutions that have been already fully tested, thus ensuring lower project costs and less problems. With Binacchi you select a trustworthy partner, able to be at your side for many years.

Binacchi sells solutions and not simply plants: we are able to satisfy your requests with professionality, customizing well proven technologies to your needs.

There are two main processes to obtain soap: one is using oils and fats as raw materials and the other utilizes fatty acids. The selection of the most suitable solution depends on many technical and economic factors and should be done together with Binacchi.

Catta27, Italy


Catta 27, for more than 20 years is offering turnkey solutions and complete systems for the industrial production of ice cream.

We are able to cover the entire production chain from the mix treatment passing through the filling, up to the final boxing.

Discover our entire range.


Emde Industries Technik GmbH, Germany


With the acquisitionof the production facility and the expertise of the former CAS chemical plant builder in Stassfurt by EMDE Industrie-Technik in 2005 it was possible to build on almost 150 years of tradition in machine and plant construction.

After a structural new start following the acquisition we are today once again in a position to offer customers worldwide rotating tube equipment, vacuum filters and special equipment for a wide variety of applications.

In addition to extensively proven system components for the soda and potassium industries we are also increasingly producing customer-specific systems adapted to specific processes. Apart from various coolers, dryers and calcinators these also include process columns, chemical apparatus and pressure containers.

The processand mechanical design is a central part of our range of services. In close collaboration with institutions and engineering firms we also offer the optionof performing preliminary experiments and design tests.

Fava S.p.A, Italy


Specialty pasta lines Capacities up to 2000 kg/h – Production of round nests, oval nests, lasagna and large short goods shapes

Thanks to our patented process technologies, developed and perfected over 80 years of activity, you can optimize each and every raw material to obtain a product of the highest quality. The operational flexibility and simplicity of our lines have always been our strength. We also provide support to our customers with unmatched commitment through dedicated after-sales assistance, training courses and a research and development laboratory for studying and developing new products.

ICF S.p.A, Italy


We offer complete production lines for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. We develop know-how and technologies to understand the needs of each manufacturer and provide it with the best solutions for achieving the highest quality standards.

The ability to make bespoke plants and come up with cutting-edge solutions according to the customer’s needs is one of our strong points along with innovation skills that stem from multi-industry experience and specialized know-how in each single process phase.

Landucci, Italy


Bow-Tie Stamping Machine pasta Bologna Velo of innovative conception, with ver- tical sheet insertion. This characteristic allows to have very short sheet runs between the calibration zone and the shearing zone with enormous advantages on the color of the finished product. The sheet conveyor belt is regulated by an Inverter in order to optimize the speed of the sheet according to the extrusion speed. The machine reaches an high productivity thanks to the perfect balance of the masses.

The short distance of the sheet through its inner part guarantees always the right stability. The computerized system of 10 control allows the optimization of the scrap independently from the speed of the machine and the memorization of the recipes shape by shape.

The possibility of setting up the desired quantity of dry pasta that we wish to produce and the report of all the production data and anomalies on a printer constitute a useful complement for those pasta plants that expect to verify the production around the clock(optional).

The PLC allows to examine at distance, from the Landucci assistance site, the complete status of the machine and the eventual upgrading of the Software. This to notice in real time the arising of any problems thus limiting any production stoppa- ge of the machine (optional). The dimensions are contained to allow the achie- vement of harmonius layouts.


Michelangelo, synonym of art, as all OMAS machines are. More specifically, our purifier offers really high performance levels, thanks to robust, yet lightweight, bodywork and structure: machine stability guaranteed by excellent structure balance transmitting no vibrations to the floor. Flour selection is just about perfect, guaranteed by uniform air circulation. Innovative frames and structure, synonym of quality and high performance levels.


Sollich Chocotech, Germany


In 1920 the company was founded in Wernigerode as “Lauenstein & Co. KG” by Mr. Otto Lauenstein. In 1930 the company already secured a world wide customer base with the production of the first chocolate tempering machine world-wide. Only nine years later the 95 workers had reached the next impressing aim: 750 of those machines were sold.

In 1990 it was rearranged under the name CHOCOTECH Wernigerode GmbH. After this successful restructuring Mr. Helmut Sollich became the owner of CHOCOTECH. Today CHOCOTECH belongs to the Sollich group.

Since 1990 the company has grown: A big step was building up the CHOCOTECH CANDY DIVISION in the year 2000 after the acquirement of the Company Ernst, a manufacture of cookers and aerators for candy products. Since then CHOCOTECH has been very successful with a wide variety of national and international candy manufacturers.

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